Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Movies: Pete’s Dragon (2016) (PG), The Shallows (15), Nerve (15), Swallows & Amazons (PG), The Purge: Election Year (15), War Dogs (15), Mechanic: Resurrection (15) & Mad Max (1979) (DVD – 15)

Pete’s Dragon (2016) (PG) – What’s it about? This is a remake of the story of Pete and his magical dragon friend.

I know I must have seen the original of this but I can’t for the life of me remember it, from what I’ve been told though this is a complete re-imagining of the story and not just a reboot. I have to admit for a kid’s movie this was pretty good, it was nothing spectacular but I’m sure the little ones will enjoy the magicalness of it, I know I did!

Rating: :) :) :)

The Shallows (15) – What’s it about? A woman goes surfboarding and ends up being attacked by a shark, can she survive until she’s rescued?

I thought to myself before seeing this one how can they make a movie about a woman being stuck on a rock for like ages…this is going to be crap. That said though this was a bloody great movie, it’s got a good lot of suspense and thrills in it and some ewww moments. Though I don’t know why people can’t obey the rule: Don’t Get Eaten! It’s not that hard really.

Rating: :) :) :) :)

Nerve (15) – What’s it about? A bunch of students end up playing a game where people give them dares and if they succeed they win money and popularity.

This one imo could have gone either way; it could be great or shit depending on how it was made. Even though some of the characters were really annoying, it was a good watch but there was nothing really out of this world about it. Yeah it’s a pretty interesting concept though and I can totally see something like this happening at some point, that’s if it doesn’t already. Some people are stupid and they’d play something like it!

Rating: :) :) :)

Swallows & Amazons (PG) – What’s it about? The story of two groups of children who battle it out for their claim of the island.

This is one of those movies that you just watch, it’s nothing overly special or thrilling, it’s just there…you know a typical Sunday afternoon movie. I don’t know maybe this will have more of an appeal to children, I personally wasn’t over struck by it, it was alright but nothing more. I’d probably wait until it’s on DVD or TV as it’s not something you have to rush to the cinema to see.

Rating: :) :)

The Purge: Election Year (15) – What’s it about? The rules of The Purge have changed and a senator must survive the wrath of the NFFA.

So the third movie in the Purge series and by now you know the purge and what it’s all about. The first movie as you know just is survival and set the scene, the second starts more of the story and this one continues on loosely from there and gives a bit more than just mindless killing. That said though the story is done in a way you don’t really have to see the others but if you have it gives it more. It’s again filled with lots of action, survival intensity and blood, and it’s the Purge so it’s very well done!

Rating: :) :) :) :)

War Dogs (15) – What’s it about? Based on a true story, a couple of unlikely arms dealers land a massive government contract.

I wasn’t sure on this from the adverts and stuff but thought it might be interesting so decided to see it. I didn’t really have much of an expectation for it but that said it turned out to be a really interesting and entertaining movie. It had some good comedy but at the same time it was serious and by the end of it you have to ask yourself how much of it was true to life and how much was fabricated but for a movie it’s pretty random and good.

Rating: :) :) :)

Mechanic: Resurrection (15) – What’s it about? The assassin for hire gets called out of retirement to take on three impossible kills.

Well this is another Jason Statham movie – so you know the drill by now, action, fighting, guns, explosions and some story to tie it all together. This is another good mindless movie but what is there to expect from an action movie now-a-days, sadly most of it has all been done before in some way, shape or form but it’s still a great source of entertainment! I liked it as it was just what was needed! J

Rating: :) :) :) :)

Mad Max (1979) (DVD – 15) – What’s it about? The world’s gone to shit and Max takes on a biker gang.

I haven’t seen this one for a long while and thought I might as well re-watch it, it’s still a good movie but it’s kind of lost something about it over the years, maybe it’s just that I remember there being a lot more to it than what there was, but that’s clearly my mind playing tricks on me. It’s still a good movie though filled with action and car chases, lots of violence and all that stuff.

Rating: :) :) :)

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Movie: Suicide Squad (15)

Suicide Squad (15) – what’s it about? After a couple of big bads set out to destroy the world and a team of criminal heroes is formed to stop them.

I’m not quite sure why critics are slagging this one off as it’s a pretty damn good movie, but there is something I didn’t like so much about it and that’s that Harley gets all the screen time (with a tad of Deadshot thrown in) and the others didn’t really get a look in and just end up being side-kicks in the background. I’m hoping in the next one some of the other characters get a bit more of leading parts and it doesn’t just end up being Harley and Friends. That said though it’s a good movie, I did enjoy it, it’s typical DC being dark, gritty and violent so compared to the light-heartedness of Marvel it brings a refreshing change…and after Batman vs Superman being ugh it brings DC back to being a beacon of hope on the big screen. Yep so if you want a good bit of violence and mayhem then it’s definitely worth a look, if though you prefer your superheroes being super then you might not enjoy it as much.

Rating: ****

Monday, 1 August 2016

Movies: Jason Bourne (12A), Finding Dory (U) & The Dark Knight Rises (DVD – 12)

Jason Bourne (12A) – what’s it about? Bourne re-surfaces to look for information about his past.

So if you’ve seen all the other four – yes four – Bourne movies then you know the drill and what to expect with this one – a bit of gritty violence, guns, action and at least one high speed car chase (you get your monies worth in this one as you get two!) oh and not forgetting a bit of story to keep you intrigued. This one returns to the main character being Bourne and again Matt Damon (now say it properly) pulls off the character very well. I like these movies as they’re fun, even though they’ve got a bit samey now they’re still a good source of entertainment. If you liked the others then go and see it but if not then give it a miss.

Rating: J J J O

Finding Dory (U) – what’s it about? Dory goes in search for her family with the help of some fishy friends.

So we’ve been waiting years for another movie ever since Nemo graced our screens and become a kid’s classic – so does this meet expectations? Yes, yes it does. It’s again like Finding Nemo a good little family story with a bit of humour thrown in. I can’t really say much on this as I don’t want to spoil it, but yeah it’s got more about Dory and Nemo and introduces some new characters to the mix. This one will give you a nice happy feeling by the end of it…oh and speaking of ends remember to stay to the end of the credits as it’s got a little extra! So if you liked the first one then I’d go and watch it but if you didn’t then its best to avoid.

Rating: J J J J

The Dark Knight Rises (DVD – 12) – what’s it about? Batman must put on his cape once again and try to stop Bane from taking over and destroying Gotham.

This is the final movie in the Dark Knight Trilogy. I have to say I really did like this imagining of Batman; it’s very dark and gothic and serious – it’s not so much of a comic piece as previous envisioning’s of Batman (by comic I mean humour haha and not comic as in graphic novels – just need to clear that up as comics are good as is Batman and he comes from comics so yeah…and now I’ve confused myself heh). It’s filled with action like the previous movies in this series, a dark setting and a deep/dark Batman who once again is played by the awesome Christian Bale – such a good actor. Anyway yeah more Batman, fighting, action, guns, violence and a save the city attitude…well kinda, it makes this another one that’s worth a watch!

Rating: J J J J