Monday, 28 September 2015

Movies: Solace (15), Elektra (DVD – 12) & Kingdom of Heaven (DVD – 15)

Solace (15) – what’s it about? A psychic teams up with the FBI to catch a serial killer…

I can’t really say much without spoiling it, but this is an interesting one, if you like crime and serial killer type stuff then you’ll probably enjoy this, with the dash of the supernatural thrown in, in the form of psychic powers it gives it a little more bite than your average crime movie.

Rating: J J J

Elektra (DVD – 12) – what’s it about? Elektra is an assassin for hire, she chooses to protect her targets from The Hand rather than kill them…

It’s a bit of a girly super flick really, it’s alright but a little meh, yeah it kept me entertained but I found myself a little bored by the storyline and some of the scenes, just seemed a lot of poncing about really.

Rating: J J O

Kingdom of Heaven (DVD – 15) – what’s it about? In the 12th century, Balian travels to Jerusalem and becomes the cities defender when it’s attacked…

This one’s obviously about religion if you hadn’t guessed from the name of it, it’s very cool with its fighting and killing and in depth plot, it’s nice to see a film with a mixture of story as well as action, this one fills both cups!

Rating: J J J J

Monday, 21 September 2015

Movies: The Visit (15), Everest (12) & Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (DVD – 12)

The Visit (15) – what’s it about? Two children go and stay with their grandparents for a week and things are a little weird…ok I raise that…to crazy.

This is a horror…supposedly…ok there were a couple of bits that made me jump but mainly this is funny as hell. It’s all from the kids perspective and them making a movie and their crazy old grandparents and how they are scary in the kids eyes.

Rating: J J J

Everest (12) – what’s it about? The true story of an expedition to Everest that goes horribly wrong…

This movie was interesting, though I’m not sure how much is real and how much is dramatised being that it’s unknown. Yes I know it is a true account and if it is completely accurate I am kinda in disbelief how it went down. I understand a lot was out of their control but seriously I don’t know why anyone would want to climb a mountain like that. It’s a touching movie, filled with intense moments and some very sad ones…have your tissues at the ready.

Rating: J J J J

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (DVD – 12) – what’s it about? Lara Croft must battle against villains and get the artefact before them so she can stop their evil plans.

Wow Lara has an immense wardrobe in this movie…apart from her amount of wardrobe changes it’s a good movie focusing mainly on her boobs and butt j/k…seriously though this is a good one, it’s got some good action scenes and moments like the games which are really cool!

Rating: J J J

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Fandom: EVEN MORE NosCam screenshots from me to you...

I know recently I haven’t really posted much on here apart from movie reviews but I’ve kept my Facebook up to date with some random stuff…I now have found a few moments and I thought I’d share them with you here…

Today I give you some EVEN MORE of the NosCam screenshots I've gathered over the last few months...

Monday, 14 September 2015

Movies: Maze Runner: The Scotch Trials (12A), Legend (18) & Phonebooth (DVD – 15)

Maze Runner: The Scotch Trials (12A) – what’s it about? After escaping the maze the gang must band together and face another trial to save themselves and the rest of humanity.

This was pretty good, it was a lot darker and I mean a lot compared to the previous movie and more so than I was expecting. I would definitely not let the youngens see this one, 12+ to the number! This expanded on the story a little more and gives way for the next movie but it was left with an unending so it was meh. If you liked the first movie this one is worth a look…but be prepared to just have to wait for the next one to find out what happens!

Rating: J J J O

Legend (18) – what’s it about? The story of the notorious Kray twins in 1960s London.

I’m not really into real life movies, let alone things based before the past but this one was pretty damn good. It’s quite scary some of the crap that went on and that gangsters like this controlled the London streets way back then. If you’d like to see into the darker past of London it’s worth taking a glimpse.

Rating: J J J O

Phonebooth (DVD – 15) – what’s it about? Stu is a complete twat and ends up stuck in a phonebooth at the end of a snipers scope…

I never watched this as I thought how can they possibly make an entire movie about a guy stuck in a phone booth…it’s going to be complete rubbish. Anyway I saw it in the shop and picked it up cheap and I was actually surprised by it, it was pretty intense and well played…I still don’t know how they can make a film about a guy in a phonebooth but yeah surprisingly good!

Rating: J J J

Monday, 7 September 2015

Movies: A Knights Tale (PG), American Ultra (15), The Transporter Refueled (15) & No Escape (15)

A Knights Tale (PG) – what’s it about? After his knight dies, squire William creates a new identity and becomes a knight to make some money for him and his squire chums and ends up falling for a girl…

I hadn’t seen this one for years and when I found it in the shop for 50p I had to buy it; you can’t help but giggle at this, filled with a great cast and medieval style humour it’s a bit of fun for the whole family.

Rating: J J J 

American Ultra (15) - what’s it about? Stoner Mike is in fact a government agent, the project is cancelled and he is to be eliminated, can he survive?

This is pretty stupid in parts but hey it’s meant to be as that’s the waster humour, it’s worth watching for a laugh and has some great action scenes with some awesome deaths in it.

Rating: J J J

The Transporter Refueled (15) – what’s it about? Frank is hired for a job but when the stakes get to high can he and his father survive…

Reboot reeeeboooot rrrrreeeeebbbbbooooooootttttt ok you get the picture, a reboot of the Transporter franchise. If you’ve seen one of these you’ve seen them all, if you love it though you’ll probably like this one – though its weaker than the originals. It’s got some good action scenes and stuff but the fights needed a little bit more bite imo.

Rating: J J J O

No Escape (15) – what’s it about? An American family move to Asia, a coup happens; they must escape the country and avoid being executed.

A high adrenaline movie filled with battles for survival, this one is intense big time – prepare for your heart to be pumping. I was probably way too traumatised by this movie than I should have been; it took me a good couple of hours of watching something else to calm down.

Rating: J J J J