Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Movies: Tomorrowland: A World Beyond (12A) & Battle: Los Angeles (DVD – 12A)

Tomorrowland: A World Beyond (12A) – what’s it about? A teenager and a former genius set out to discover a place of wonder that’s somewhere in space and time.

Ok well mmm I had high hopes for this movie and I have to admit I came out a little disappointed. Yeah it was good but the story was very simple, it was aimed at all ages to understand, so it lacked in the depth department. There were a few bits that reminded me of Jupiter Ascending but it just seemed like the wimpy little brother. It’s ok and worth having a look at but just don’t expect anything special, which is a shame really.

Rating: J J J

Battle: Los Angeles (DVD – 12A) – what’s it about? Aliens invade earth and a team of Marines are set on a rescue mission of some stranded civilians.

Aliens, human annihilation and military mayhem, this is a pure 100% action packed movie. There isn’t much depth but this one is all about the high action and destruction and explosions and guns and more guns and killing aliens…yeah you get the picture. This one is good if you just want a good bit of action packed sci-fi.

Rating: J J J J O

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Movies: Mad Max: Fury Road (15) & Independence Day (DVD – 12)

Mad Max: Fury Road (15) – what’s it about? Max assists Furiosa to take some escapees to her old homeland.

This was a great continuation to the Mad Max post apocalyptic universe…it was a pretty fab action packed film – it didn’t let the side down, good little story but you know it’s the action that makes it. Definitely worth looking at if you like the previous Mad Max movies and I think you can even see it without seeing them as well.

Rating: J J J J

Independence Day (12) – what’s it about? Aliens invade earth; can humanity stop them and save the world…

Love this movie, love it, I’ve watched it a fair few times and it never disappoints – big action, alien invasion and a bit of a story to boot! If you haven’t seen it and love sci-fi and action then watch it, if you’ve seen it then maybe re-visit it, it’s worth a re-watch!

Rating: J J J J

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Movies: Big Game (12A), Spooks: The Greater Good (15) & The Time Machine (DVD – PG)

Big Game (12A) – what’s it about? Air Force one is under attack from terrorists and the President is evacuated. He has to survive in the wilderness against the terrorists until he is rescued.

Ok do not whatever you do expect this as a serious film what-so-ever, it is a spoof! If you take it as that, that it’s just going to be a stupid cheesy kids movie which has more corn that a corn-on-the-cob then it’s pretty good and is kinda amusing. If you go in expecting a big action movie then you’ll be sorely disappointed…

Rating: J J J

Spooks: The Greater Good (15) – what’s it about? A spin off movie from the TV show, the MI5 gang return to capture a terrorist and stop an attack.

I have to admit I haven’t really watched the TV series religiously, I’ve seen the odd episodes but that’s all. You can quite happily watch and understand this if you haven’t seen the series (if you have it’ll give more depth to it). It’s kinda an average movie though; I don’t think it’s really strong enough to be a cinema class movie – more just an extended episode. If you love the series you’ll probably love it though!

Rating: J J J

The Time Machine (DVD – PG) – what’s it about? An inventor’s fiancĂ©e is killed and he sets out to change the past using a time machine he’s built and ends up looking for answers.

This was one of those movies that I now wish I saw when it first came out as the graphics are now a little dated. It has a good story/plot and also enough action to balance it out, even though it sounds as if it might be a wet lettuce movie as it’s about romance and boring stuff like that…I was very surprised. It’s worth a look if you don’t mind the graphics being a little meh as it’s a bloody good movie!

Rating: J J J J

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Fandom: Nosgoth signatures updated

I’ve just updated my Unofficial Nosgoth Signatures entry with three new signatures, so you can now find the three Human Prestige skin ones available for you to download, use and enjoy. J

Movie: Unfriended (15), Alex Rider: Stormbreaker (DVD – PG) & Starship Troopers (DVD – 18)

Unfriended (15) – what’s it about? A group of friends find themselves being haunted by an unknown individual whilst chatting on Skype…

Sooooo annoying teens and annoying Skype…what could go wrong with this movie? Just kidding it was a pretty good movie, it wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t really scary or anything either – well I didn’t think so but at least half the cinema goers seemed to think it was scary lol. It’s a good movie to pass the time, but don’t expect to be spooked out and not be able to sleep otherwise you’ll be disappointed, it’s kinda short too.

Rating: J J J

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker (DVD – PG) – what’s it about? After Alex Riders uncle is killed, he finds out his uncle was a spy and takes up the mantle of being an MI6 agent.

This is cheesy…nope nope nope this is MEGA cheesy. It’s a kids spy film so you know what to expect, it’s pretty bad but kinda amusing at the same time…it passed the time but I wouldn’t rush to see it.

Rating: J J

Starship Troopers (DVD – 18) – what’s it about? It’s the future and humans are at war with giant bugs…

Quick get the Raid!!! I forgot how cool this was, great movie with lots of action, good characters and story – but man this is kinda gory, don’t expect your average sci-fi as it’s that dowsed with a helping of horror. If you like action, sci-fi and horror movies then this one will definitely be for you.

Rating: J J J J