Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Fandom: MCM Comic Con London (Oct 2014)

So this weekend was once again the return of the MCM Comic Con London (obviously October 2014). I attended this event and once again it was great fun - lots of shops, panels, cosplayers and general stuff to see and do...as I've wrote a couple of reviews on it before I thought this is getting a bit samey...so thought this time instead I'd show you a vid of some of the photos I took of all the awesome cosplayers...enjoy...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

...and so they are finished...

I've just finished updating the rest of my Unofficial Nosgoth Signatures in the newish style and uploaded them...the final ones I've added tonight are - Hunter, Prophet, Scout and Tyrant.

Please feel free to download and use at your leisure. If you'd like a customised one then please do not hesitate to contact me.


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Holy Hell-fire I updated the signatures....

Just a note really to say that I've finally had a few spare moments to update my Unofficial Nosgoth Signatures with new sigs for Reaver and Alchemist. More shall follow shortly - so stay tuned!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Movie: The Judge (15)

The Judge (15) – what’s it about: Hank a city lawyer returns to his small home town where his father the Judge is accused of murder...

I really didn’t have a clue what this movie was about when I went to see it apart from I was told it was a drama which automatically made me think oh god no – but I was actually surprised by this one. It had a good story – it had some really funny moments but also some really sad ones – the actors and story made me really feel for them…I even got a lump in my throat at points – omg wimp much lol – but be warned it is quite depressing. Anyway if you like drama things it’s probably worth a look – but if you however prefer your movies to be more fantasy than reality probably don’t bother.

Rating: J J J

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (12A), The Maze Runner (12A), Annabelle (15), Cemetery Junction (15 – DVD) & Predators (15 – DVD)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (12A) – what’s it about? TMNT early adventures above ground – can they stop the evil Shredder from causing disaster and save the city…and April?...

Teenage mutant ninja turtles – heroes in a half shell – turtle power! *cough*. If you hadn’t guessed I loved the Turtles as a kid – they were well cool…and this movie does it some good justice. The characters have similar personalities that shine through from the old school days. They might look a little weird but it kinda works with the movie – yes I would have liked them to look more like their original selves but I can see why they changed them with this day and age of more believable looking heroes. But yeah anyway – good movie – it’s well timed and doesn’t drag – gives you enough action and story – and not forgetting reach-backs to the old days to keep us old fans happy – but as well as keeping it fresh for the new generation. Anyway – if you were a fan or new to it then definitely check it out – Turtle power!

Rating: J J J J

The Maze Runner (12A) – what’s it about? Teenagers are sent to the surface and the only way to find their way out is through the maze – can they survive the scary creatures that venture out at night – and figure out who has done this to them at the same time…

This was good – but hmmm how to say this was a little slow – the timing was a little off the first half dragged and the second half went to quick. When it got going it – it was a really good movie – the story was ok and the characters were alright – it was enjoyable but probably more a teen movie.

Rating: J J J

Annabelle (15) – what’s it about? Two occultists are killed and the doll one of them held when she died becomes haunted and begins to harm the family who’s home it’s in – can they save their child and stop the evil spook?…

I hate dolls! I really hate dolls! – But thankfully this wasn’t as freaky and disturbing as I thought it was going to be. It was good though – good story and jumpy spookiness – gave a few scares and was good to see the origins of Annabelle. If you liked The Conjuring then check it out – if you haven’t seen it though you can still watch this one if you like spooky ghostly type stuff.

Rating: J J J

Cemetery Junction (15 – DVD) – what’s it about? It’s a comedy set in the 1970’s which follows the story of a group of working class friends…

Well…well…well…I use the term “comedy” in the description very loosely…I laughed like twice through this one. It was bland – depressing – and just lacked all-round…kinda expected a lot more from a Ricky Gervais movie…it was alright but was pretty boring really…some people may find it good…but me not so much...

Rating: J O

Predators (15 – DVD) – what’s it about? A group of killers, military and all out scary people are dumped on a planet and are hunted by Predators – can they survive the ordeal and find away off the rock?....

Needs more Predators! It was a good one – the story and action was good – and gave you what you need in this type of movie – action – guns – killing and all that jazz…it’s pretty damn good but maybe just a smidgen not as good as some of the other ones – but still up there as a great movie! Definitely watch if you love Predator – you’ll no doubt love it. Predators rule!!!!!

Rating: J J J J

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Movies: Dracula Untold (15), Gone Girl (18), The Equalizer (15) & Super (DVD – 18)

Dracula Untold – what’s it about? The Turks attack Vlad Tepe’s empire and he seeks supernatural forces to help him protect his home and its people…

OMFG this movie – OMG!!!!!! *faints* it’s the best movie I’ve seen in agggeeeeessss J and I mean aaaaaaggggggeeeesssss…but I am a bit of a vampire fiend but this is so what was needed – none of that lame-ass-poofy-fagpire stuff! I walked out the doors of the cinema and would have been happy to walk back into the next showing of it! It had story – good acting – fighting – all-round vampire win! If you love vampire movies then you need to stop what you’re doing and see it now! Do it – DO IT – DO IT!!!!!

Rating: J J J J J

Gone Girl – what’s it about? A wife goes missing and the husband and his family get caught up in the investigation and media frenzy as they try to find out what’s happened to her…

This was a pretty clever movie – I can’t really say much without spoiling it as it’s one of those mystery things…it’s worth watching as it’s well done – but is one of those you’d only really watch it once. Good acting – story and characters…but even though it is well done – it is still a bit long and meh in places…

Rating: J J J O

The Equalizer – what’s it about? A man who lives a quiet life – decides to awaken his secret past and take action against the criminals of the city…

What can I say about this one? Well…it was good J I liked it! It had a good storyline – and a good mix of action with it. It was enjoyable…though the first half was a little slow and meh but it set the scene so alls forgiven as it works. It had a good vibe of people doing right against those doing wrong! He’s an EPIC guy – would like to know more about his story – there wasn’t much history given in this one – kinda all about the now…I’d really like to learn some of his talents…could come in handy…

Rating: J J J J

Super (DVD) – what’s it about? A normal guy stands up to become a superhero and tackle the drug dealers who have influenced his girlfriend…well ex-girlfriend…

People compare this one to Kick Ass…don’t – don’t do it – it’s not the same and should not be compared – if you watch it thinking it’s going to be that movie then you’ll be really really disappointed. If you watch it for what it is – then you might be presently surprised. Ok it’s weird and don’t get me wrong it has its funny moments but it is harsh – and deals with some real issues but some in slightly comical ways. When watching it you might think wtf but by the end you’ll be happy you watched it…well probably.

Rating: J J J

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Fandom: EGX (Euro Gamer Expo) – 26 & 27 Sep 2014

From the outside...Earls Court

At the weekend I got to attend the Euro Gamer Expo (now known as EGX) at Earls Court in London – what to say about this event????...

I got to hang out with some amazing Legacy of Kain/Nosgoth people :D – oh you all know who you are – who were super! I got to play a fair few games...including queuing 30 mins to play Nosgoth – man the wait was longer than the wait in a Lobby back in Alpha lol

View from upstairs

Anyway onto the show – I managed to attend both the Friday and Saturday. The atmopshere was great – the people and design – layout and well just the whole thing was pretty awesome and what you’d kind of expect from a convention if you’ve not been – loud noises – cheering – matches on big screens – stalls – games – games and more games...oh and not expecting overly priced food and drink – but it’s Earls Court so you know what to expect.

Cosplay stage

The only thing I was hoping for and was a little disappointed about was the amount of cosplayers – yes there were a few and the quality was great but there weren't as many as I thought there would be...well compared to MCM Comic Con there weren't many...but I suppose they've only had cosplay there for a couple of years so it takes a while to get going. They did though however have a cosplay stage – and stuff there going on...such as the masquerade, games, panels/guidance etc which was cool.

Winners of the cosplay masquerade (Friday)

The Friday was the less busy of the two days at the convention but it was still pretty manic – the queue to get in the doors was pretty huge but they managed to get people in pretty quick which was damn good...if it would have been raining it would have sucked. The queue time for games though wasn’t as long on the Friday as the Saturday but average waiting time for games was around 30 mins or so – so it was a lot of standing about but it could have been way worse.

There was a little free evening event at a local pub which was kinda cool to – it was free and you got a free drink (I luv free stuff!) and could take part in a gaming quiz...it was great to hang out with some people from the day and generally geek out about games and stuff...I’d recommend popping down if they do one next year – it’s not a banging party (like the Sony one) but a nice chilled out pub gathering.

Great cosplay

Anyway back to games...I don’t think I can remember all the games I went and played – but I'll try to name some: Alien Isolation, Nosgoth, Mortal Kombat X, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Lego Batman, Bayonetta 2, Lords of the Fallen, Super Smash Bros (for WiiU), Hyrule Warriors...yeah that's all I can remember right now – and they were all great in there own ways! 

My three top highly anticipated games are:

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
Bayonetta 2
Mortal Kombat X

...wait Lucinvampire – why isn’t Nosgoth listed in the top three games???? Surely that’s just rude! Heh I’m only not adding it because you all know it’d bump something else out of place – that it’s great – and how much I love it – so thought I’d better be fair and give chance to some other games for once.

Prophet and Alchemist @ Nosgoth

Well in round up – overall it was a great convention – with great people – games and overall awesomeness :D I’d highly recommend visiting it if you haven’t so far...the price is bargain to get in – and if you like games you’ll LOVE it :D