Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Movies: Pineapple Express (DVD – 15), Cuban Fury (DVD – 15), Predator (DVD – 18), Predator 2 (DVD – 18), Alien Vs Predator (AvP) (DVD – 15) & Alien Vs Predator Requiem (AvPR) (DVD –15)

Pineapple Express (15) – what’s it about? A process server and a drug dealer go on the run from hitmen and police after witnessing a murder…

Hmmm…I have to admit this is one of the better comedies I’ve seen in a while – lots of really stupid moments – and it kinda reminded me of Jay and Silent Bob a tad – so you know it’s good for a little bit of a chuckle…

Rating: J J J

Cuban Fury (15) – what’s it about? As a child Bruce was an award winning Salsa champion – with it all given up he becomes a under confident man…a woman lights the fire in his heels and he takes up the dance again to win her heart!

When this came out in the cinema I was like “no! no! no way am I seeing this! It’s going to be the biggest pile of turd going! I’m never watching it ever!” and well umm I think I have to eat my hat on this one…I was pleasantly surprised – it is definitely a chick flick – don’t get me wrong on that at all what-so-ever – but it has its laughs – its smiles – sadness and good moments…I’m not into dancing – romance or girly stuff – and you know I enjoyed it – yes it’s not amazing but yeah kinda maybe worth giving it a go…maybe…

Rating: J J J O

Predator (18) – what’s it about? A team of Special Forces are sent to the jungle to find a missing diplomatic party – they are met by an unexpected surprise in the form of an alien…the Predator!

Dude I love this movie – so much do I love this movie – it’s a complete classic! Though I still can’t believe it was released in 1987! It has action – corny one liners and aliens what more do you want? If you’ve never seen this I don’t know where you’ve been – but watch it man or re-watch it if you like Arnie movies with a dash of cool ass aliens thrown in! Predators rule!

The question is – are you an Alien or Predator supporter?

Rating: J J J J O

Predator 2 (18) – what’s it about? The city of LA is under siege by drug gangs – a battle ensues between police and the gangs – throw in a Predator who has chosen LA as his hunting ground and well that’s this movie…

This is a good one – not with Arnie this time – but still a great sequel – voodoo gangs – guns – police – explosions and Predator – there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing this cool dude killing in some awesome ways…”want some candy?” J

Rating: J J J J

Alien Vs Predator (AvP) (15) – what’s it about? The year is 2004 and Weyland industries picks up a heat signature in the Artic...they go to investigate and discover something they weren’t expecting…extra-terrestrials battling it out on earth…

Holy crap Lucin you’ve been watching a lot of Predator/Alien sh*t recently – talk about wtf! Well I blame work lol…anyway onto this movie – it’s great – it has Aliens and Predators battling it out – action and people dying – love it man – love it big time – if you love the Alien/Predator movies/comics then you’ll probably die with how awesome this is…it has some great scenes…love it…though I’m not giving it 5* - why? Because it ended lol

Rating: J J J J O

Alien Vs Predator: Requiem (AvPR) (15) – what’s it about? After the end of AvP – Predators return to earth to destroy an Alien invasion…

I like this movie – it’s maybe not as good as AvP – I’m not sure but I think there’s too much stuff with humans and not enough with the Predators/Aliens lol but it’s still pretty cool J - it has Aliens and Predators and killing and explosions and guns and yeah – you get the drill – if you like the other movies you know what to expect…all good in the hood!

Rating: J J J J

Monday, 22 September 2014

Movies: Before I Go To Sleep (15), The Boxtrolls (PG), & A Walk Among The Tombstones (15)

Before I Go To Sleep (15) – what’s it about? After an accident a woman wakes up everyday after with no recollection of her life prior to the age of 20…one day she starts to discover things and she beings to question everything…

This was one of those once you’ve seen it you’ll never watch it again movies – it was a good movie don’t get me wrong – the plot was really good – as was the acting and the whole thing…and it kinda does keep you guessing…but as I say – it’s good but is a one off watch...

Rating: J J J

The Boxtrolls (PG) – what’s it about? A young boy who was raised by trolls tries to save his odd adoptive family from extermination...

Looking at this one I thought it could be good or complete rubbish – luckily it was the first one! – had me giggling and I’ve come away with some great lines/actions which will stick a long time. It’s really well animated – and the story is cute with a little bit of creepy/spookiness thrown in…and the trolls did kind of remind me of tiny Tyrants lol

Rating: J J J J

A Walk Among The Tombstones (15) – what’s it about? Ex-cop come private eye gets hired by drug dealer to find the men who killed his wife!

This was pretty good – well good acting and plot – if you like a good crime solving with a bit of action thrown in then you’ll probably love this one – it is a little slow to get going though and it does seem a little long – but it’s still worth a watch…at least once…

Rating: J J J

Saturday, 20 September 2014

TV Shows: True Blood seasons 1–7 (18) and Terra Nova season 1 (12)

True Blood – what’s it about? Vampires are out of the coffin – join Sookie and the denizens of Bon Temps through their life – for all sorts of violence and romping…

If you haven’t seen this where have you been? Buried in a bunker underground with no tech for like what the last 7 years? Anyway it’s a mix of violence…and a lot of humping…I’m not kidding – at least someone dies…well explodes or gets it on in every episode! If you love vampire movies and TV then this is worth looking at if you haven’t already…best scene “the fly scene” – if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I’m taking about! Anyway it’s a great show – I was a little disappointed by the ending – but overall it is worth a looksee..

Rating: J J J J O

Terra Nova – what’s it about? The year is 2149 and the world is on its last legs – teams are sent back in time (technically back in time to an alternate past) through a fracture where they set up home to give humanity a second chance…only problem is there are dinosaurs and stuff that’s out to get them!

This only ran for one season – and I have no idea why! It was a little slow to start but it was a bloody good series – I was so disheartened by the cancellation of this one. I don’t know how to describe this show…it has dinosaurs and I thought to myself when I heard of it that yeah it’s going to suck but I’ll give it a chance – and it was actually surprisingly well surprising. I’d maybe say you’ll like this if you like shows like – maybe Revolution or Primeval…

Rating: J J J J

Monday, 1 September 2014

Movies: Sin City 2: A Dame to Die For (18), As Above, So Below (15) and Vampire Academy (DVD – 12A)

Sin City 2: A Dame to Die For – what’s it about? Stories from Sin City – the dark city filled with shadowy individuals…

The second movie which is shot very much like the first in its black and white comic book style – it’s kinda all-round the same style – if you liked the first then you’ll probably enjoy this one…if not then you probably best to avoid it…can’t really say much on it as don’t want to spoil it!

Rating: J J J

As Above, So Below – what’s it about? An archaeologist goes on a quest to find the Philosophers Stone under the city of Paris – and horrific things happen…

Ok I’m not really sure what to say on this one…It was slowish to start but it all gets going – and gets quite nail biting and jump in your seat scary – I’m such a wimp now – I even had to look away from the screen a few times…it’s worth seeing if you like a fright – but thankfully it wasn’t too gory!

Rating: J J J O

Vampire Academy – what’s it about? A secret school filled with vampires – the good kind – and their protectors…high school with a little bite :P – ok sorry that was bad!

This was ok – well – it’s not Twilight – but it’s definitely a teen movie – there are some really good scenes in it – but there are some really bad ones – one fight scene in particular…it has a good plot and was an enjoyable watch if you like vampire-teen-type-movies…

Rating: J J J O