Friday, 29 August 2014

Movies: Lucy (15), Expendables 3 (12A) & Into The Storm (12A)

Lucy – what’s it about? A woman gets caught up in some drug smuggling – it goes wrong and she becomes a super human!

Yep it’s the true story of my life – j/k :P – well this was pretty strange – weird as – but a really awesome movie – I thought there was going to be a little bit more action in this one – but the story makes up for it. It’s pretty uber – though I did kinda expect a little bit more from it…yeah watch it if you like interesting cool ass stuff and stuff…

Rating: J J J J

Expendables 3 – what’s it about? The team are retired and a new younger squad are formed – they get caught out and it’s down to the old boys to step up and save the day!

Well what to say about this one??? Well really if you like the previous two then you’ll enjoy this one – more of the same – guns – action – explosions – all that jazz! So yeah if you like the old timers – and the action – and humour that comes with them – you’ll like it lots…

Rating: J J J J

Into The Storm – what’s it about? A group of tornado chasers – and a small town in America who faces an uber storm…

I kinda wasn’t expecting anything from this at all…I was thinking ugh this’ll just be a rehash of the Twister movie – which will be ok but you know a little meh – and you know it’ll suck :P. That said though I was actually really really really impressed with this one – it was kinda epic!! The characters were good – the story was good and the action and suspense were pretty great as well…I even shed a tear in this one! Worth seeing…if you like disaster type movies…

Rating: J J J J O

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Fandom: Nosgoth Signatures Updated 10 Aug 14!

I’ve just updated the Unofficial Nosgoth signatures article – by adding 6 new Sentinel signatures…

There will be other clan/faction ones added in the coming weeks…so stay tuned!

…if you’d really like your favourite clan or faction to be the next one updated – please give me a shout and I’ll try to expedite them!

Movies: The Nut Job (U), Guardians of the Galaxy (12A) and The Legend of Zorro (PG – DVD)

The Nut Job (U) – what’s it about? A group of park animals are worried about surviving the winter – can they gather enough food in time???

This is really really a kids movie – if you see it as that then you know what it’s going to be like – a leave you brain at the door movie! I did like it – and it’s not too long in that you’re like when will this end…but it does kinda lack for adults…

Rating: J J O

Guardians of the Galaxy (12A) – what’s it about? A human criminal steals and orb and finds himself hunted by numerous baddies – and a rag-tag group of heroes (if you can call them that) are formed to stop the dark forces!

This is awesome! – A good mix of humour – action – story – and general comic-bookness! It’s got adult and kid humour – so everyone wins! I have to admit I didn’t really know much about it going into this – apart from I’d heard of it and seen the movie trailers – so didn’t exactly know what to expect – and it was a treasure! The characters are pure awesome – the whole thing is basically win! if you love the Marvel movies – you’ll probably love this one!

Rating: J J J J O

The Legend of Zorro (PG – DVD) – what’s it about? A continuation to the Mask of Zorro – the sword swishing hero steps up to protect the statehood of California

Again a good mix of story – action and humour – if you like the first you’ll probably like this one…kind of more of the same thing – so you know the drill! Baddies rock up and cause mayhem…goodie has to save the day!

Rating: J J J O