Monday, 30 June 2014

Movies: Mystery Men (PG) and Red Lights (15)

Mystery Men - what’s it about? A rag tag group of failing superheroes as they struggle to get recognised by the world – they battle to save a legendary superhero from the clutches of an evil villain and attempt to stop his evil plan *evil laugh*

It’s stupid – silly – and funny...ish. Superheroes are cool – but these ones not so much…but they are trying to help – give them some credit! It has some chuckles in it – but nothing hysterical…a bit of light comedy entertainment though nothing special.

Rating: J J O

Red Lights - what’s it about? Two psychologists who try to disprove the existence of paranormal abilities and supernatural forces set out to disprove the psychic abilities of an individual…

I wasn’t expecting much from this – thought it was going to be really naff and maybe a little meh – but it kept my interest – had some really good twists – and was pretty damn enjoyable…worth a look if you liked the sixth sense…it’s that type of movie…

Rating: J J J O

Thursday, 26 June 2014

TV Series: Stargate Universe (SGU) Seasons 1 & 2

What's it about? A team of explorers are forced to make a trip through the Stargate where they are propelled to an 8 chevron address and land aboard the Destiny - an Ancient spaceship set on a course on the other side of the universe - they are the wrong team and are not prepared for this situation - the story follows their struggle to survive and find their way home...

The question is do you love Stargate? Do you love Battlestar Galactica? Would you like to see a Stargate Battlestar Galactica style?...if the answer is yes - then you'll love this. If you want your Stargate to be Stargate then you'll probably be disappointed. This is a bit more adult than SG1 - a lot more story based - about the characters rather than aliens - and less humorous. The first season sets the scene - gives you character stories and backgrounds - the second season begins the more plot story about the now...sadly it was cut after 2 seasons - so it does leave you hanging but it's still worth checking out!!!! Do it!!!!!

Rating: J J J J

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Movies: 22 Jump Street (15) and Inkheart (PG)

22 Jump Street – What’s it about? A pair of odd cops go undercover at a university to try to stop a drug lord…

The best thing to answer this is – did you see the first one? Did you like it? – if the answer is no then whatever you do – do not go and see this movie…if though you loved it - then get there now! It is the same as the first one but in uni – so kinda pretty rehashed – mixed humour – but nothing wildly hysterical…pretty average really…

Rating: J J J

Inkheart – What’s it about? A girl finds out her father has the ability to bring characters from books to life – can they try to stop the baddie who wants to destroy them all?

An interesting concept – with some interesting characters and ideas – quite kiddy – but still enjoyable if you’re an adult – a good chill out movie as doesn’t take much thinking – I’d say it’s not overly exciting but a good watch…

Rating: J J J

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Movies: Maleficent (PG), Edge of Tomorrow (12A), A Million Ways to Die in the West (15), Hancock (DVD – 12A), and Woman in Black (2012) (DVD – 12)

Maleficent – the story of the evil mistress from the Disney Sleeping Beauty fairytale…

I was really impressed with this one – and yes I did go “oooooh wings – I want those wings” *No-Face hand grabbing action*. This was a fab film – for a kids/adultish-kids movie – wasn’t as dark as I was expecting but its Disney so you know. Great story that gives you some cool things you didn’t know before – a little bit of fighting – and some awesome fairy folk creatures! I’d say go see this in the cinema if you get chance – but if you’re a hard nose…you may not like it.

Rating: J J J J

Edge of Tomorrow – an officer who’s dumped back down to a Private finds himself trying to survive a war to save humanity from an alien race…

Guns + aliens + Tom Cruise = win! This film was pretty damn epic – and considering its like groundhog-day in space – it was surprisingly not annoying with it repeating the same day over and over and over and over. There were a couple of meh moments – but overall it was an alien action bonanza. If you like sci-finess then definitely get yourself to the cinema nipperdy-split!

Rating: J J J J O

A Million Ways to Die in the West – a man falls for the new woman in town and his courage is put to the test against her gun-slinging husband…

No no no no no!!!! This film was miss-sold! There is not a million ways to die in the west in it – at all – not even close to a million – maybe more like what 20ish…I was highly disappointed by this fact! heh. Ok it was a pretty good movie for a comedy – though I truthfully was expecting more people to die in it. The plot was ok – though it could have been a bit shorter as it dragged in parts – the comedy was a good mix…yes I did actually laugh quite a lot in this one – and one part did set me off pretty bad – was one of those moments where you’re left laughing for ages and everyone else in the cinema has gone quiet *embarrassed*. You don’t really need to see this at the cinema but you know it kinda worth looking into if you’d like a chuckle.

Rating: J J J O

Hancock (DVD) – a washed out superhero tries to find his way back into the favour of the people he protects…

I’ve seen this a couple of times – and every time I watch it I expect it to start differently! The movie is great though – an alcoholic superhero – that causes more chaos and damage than he does good! Come on you know if there were people with proper super-powers they’d at least be one like this…it’s a good movie – entertaining with story and action and laughs.

Rating: J J J O

Woman in Black (DVD – 2012) – a lawyer travels to a remote village to take care of some business – and comes face to face with a vengeful ghost…

I’ve heard this raved about – and how scary it is for a 12…and to tell you the truth I was a little disappointed – but probably because I had hopes for it! Yeah it was damn scary for a 12 – I so wouldn’t show this to little people – at all – ever – they’ll have a few sleepless nights from it – no just because it’s got Harry Potter in it doesn’t mean it’s going to be anything like that!!!! Be warned! It was pretty spooky…though I did get a little bored in parts – it lacked a lot of that edge of your seatness I like about horrors – but it’s worth seeing – on a cold dark night at home…preferable when you’re home alone – and with the lights off *evil laugh*

Rating: J J O