Thursday, 27 February 2014

Movie: Defiance (DVD - 15)

What's it about? It's World War 2 and the Jews are being persecuted by the Nazi's and two Jewish brothers set out to escape this fate and in the process forge a brotherhood with other escapees as they set up home in the woods...

This is a great emotional true story, it was a pretty good movie, it's quite dark and gloomy but that was expected - it's not a happy-go-lucky film - and though about war and horrible things some of this is more about the lives and their survival than it just being about war...if you want a good true story then maybe look this one up...

Rating: J J J

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Movies: Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy (U) & The Monuments Men (12A)

Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy - Zarina steals the Blue Pixie Dust after being relieved of her dust keeping duties – and allies herself with pirates – can Tink and her chums save the day before these pirates getting airborne?…

It’s a kids movie – cartoon – not really got much adult humour – but it was a lot better than some of the other movies I’ve seen recently – wasn’t bored or looking at my watch – nice to have explanations as well for the later Peter Pan stuff. Enjoyable for all – unless you’re a hardass who doesn’t like a good NICE movie lol…but I thought it was pretty cool and liked it!

Rating: J J J

The Monuments Men - What’s it about? A group is formed in World War 2 to locate, capture and return artworks which have been stolen by the Nazis…

This is based on a true story and though I completely respect and commend the men for their actions and laying down their lives…I found this movie pretty meh. That said I don’t really like war films or true stories so yeah it was kind of expected, though at points it had its moments and parts made me chuckle it wasn’t as funny as the trailers made out, obviously it was a serious film! It was quite emotional in parts and I kind of come out a bit too depressed…if you like WW2 stuff and true life movies you’ll probably love it…in my book not the greatest but by no means the worst movie going…

Rating: J J

Monday, 17 February 2014

Movie: DOA: Dead or Alive (DVD – 15)

A movie based on the game series…fighters from around the world are invited to attend the DOA championships as they battle to be victorious plots are revealed and enemies become allies…

If you like the game and if you like seeing women spending most of their time in bikinis who like to fight either each other or play volleyball heh. It’s an ok story with some good fighting – like the game different styles etc. Enjoyable but nothing super special – I liked it really ‘cause I like the games!

Rating: J J J

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Movies: Dallas Buyers Club (15), Robocop (2014) (12A), The Lego Movie (U), The Wolf of Wall Street (18)

Dallas Buyers Club – what’s it about? A biography of Ron Woodroof – its 1985 and he’s diagnosed with HIV and fudges the system to bring unapproved medicines into the US for his fellow suffers.

This – what can I say about this – it was dull, boring, skanky and well yeah – it was very low on the scale – could have been better – but I suppose it got its point across – but it just lacked!

Rating: J

Robocop – what’s it about? Alex is a family man and cop – he is nearly killed and Omicorp offer his family the chance for him to live and become the first human-robot police officer…

This was pretty awesome – good remake – great graphics – acting and all round goodness – action – story and humour…if you like a bit of sci-fi then go and see this – it’s well worth a looksee!

Rating: J J J J

The Lego Movie – what’s it about? Emmet is a standard Lego figurine…but discovers the Piece of Resistance and that it’s his duty to save the world from the evil Lord Business.

Its Lego…well computer animated Lego – it had its moments – gave me a laugh – good story for a kid’s movie – and that is what it is a kid’s movie! Worth a watch if you want something silly and amusing!

Rating: J J J

The Wolf of Wall Street – what’s it about? Based on a true story – Jordan sets out to make his millions as a stock broker – he sets up his company that doesn’t do things quite by the books – and the government try to take him down!

This movie was really far too long – 3 hours – 3 hours – seriously – it did not need to be that long! After the first hour I was looking at my watch! It was pretty crude – over the top – and just pretty I don’t know – there was one part and I’ll just say the country club which was the only really amusing part of the entire thing!

Rating: J J

Monday, 10 February 2014

Movie: The X-Files Movie (DVD – 15)

What’s it about? Aliens came to earth agesssssss ago – Mulder and Scully must battle against the government conspiracy which has landed them in hot water!

Dude I used to be a massive X-Files fan back in the day – hadn’t seen this in yonks – still a good movie – conspiracy – typical X-Files stuff – a bit out-dated now but still yeah it’s good! Need I say more? uh nope.

Rating: J J J

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Movies: I, Frankenstein (12A) & Lone Survivor (15)

I, Frankenstein – what’s it about? Frankenstein’s monster…that was obvious now wasn’t it? He’s immortal and its modern day – demons want to take over the world – need him to do it – side of good step up etc.

If you like Underworld then you’ll probably like this one – though it’s a lot more teen and child friendly…no vampires either! It was pretty good – graphics, characters, story wise etc – you know enjoyable – worth seeing if you like tame-horror/fantasy type stuff!

Lone Survivor – what’s it about? Based on a true story of four Navy SEALs in Afghanistan as they try to take down a Taliban leader – Ahmad Shah…

What to say about this movie? Holy hell fire – this blew me away – I don’t usually like war movies and I don’t usually like real life stuff but this is probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while! Yes it was sad and traumatic but there were a few funny moments – but be warned by the end you may need a tissue or two…as it really hits home it is based on true events. This is definitely one worth seeing!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Movie: Dragon Wars (DVD - 12)

What’s it about? It’s a South Korean monster movie about dragons well Imoogi – beings that can change into dragons – by the blessing of the Yeouiju once every 500 years. Ethan is the chosen one to protect the Yeouiju from harm…and its modern day America big bad comes to take the power blah blah you get the drill.

This isn’t the best movie going – but I've seen worse…if you like monster movies – really unbelievable type stuff then you’ll probably enjoy this. If you don’t really like that type of Godzillaish movie then stay clear this is completely out there and unbelievable…not one to rush and see...