Wednesday, 27 November 2013

TV Series: Star Trek: Enterprise

What’s it about? It's the 22nd century and Capt Archer and the crew of the Enterprise begin to explore the galaxy in this the early days of Star Fleet…it runs for 4 seasons.

Ok – what to say I’ve watched this nearly every night for the last few months – I’ve been pretty hooked on it – and I don’t know what I’ll do now without my daily dose! I know a lot of people slated it – but it was actually really enjoyable – it’s Star Trek so you kind of know what to expect. The stories are good, the characters though a little expected are nice too, the alien races and first contact situations are interesting too. I’d take a look if you like sci-fi stuff…you might be presently surprised! Live long and prosper!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Movie: The Family (15)

What's it about? A gangster and his family are in witness protection...they keep stuffing up and getting moved 'cause of it. They end up in a small town in France where they fit in with the locals. As always in movies things happen and well you know people end up being whacked.

This was actually surprising much better than I thought it was going to be from the adverts, it had an ok story, good acting, humour and well a little bit of guns and stuff. I wouldn't say - go see this now it's amazing - but you know if you want to pass a couple of hours on something that's enjoyable then go take a look...

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Movie: The Mummy Returns (DVD - 12)

What's it about? A continuation of the first one...the mummified remains of Imhotep are transferred to the British museum...and he gets woken up and starts his rampage for domination and world destruction...can he be stopped and the world be saved?

If you like "The Mummy" then watch this one. It's a little dated now but it's still good - the graphics were amazing at the time but a little shabby now so you know. It's cheesey as hell - so again much like the first - it has its laughs, story, fighting and well cool Egyptian type stuff! Epic!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Movies: Hunger Games (DVD - 12A) and Hunger Games: Catching Fire (12A)

Hunger Games - what's it about? Based on the book by the same name the Hunger Games is set in a world where after war the capitol set up the hunger games - where each year two members from each district (there's 12) - one female and one male - compete to be the soul survivor of the games.

I saw this when it came out on DVD but they did a double-bill at the cinema last night - it was much more awesome on the big screen! Anyway a great movie - good story, character development, suspense and what not - some epic death scenes in this movie - love 'em! Though I did question the originality of this one - as so many others did with a certain Japanese film...

Hunger Games: Catching Fire - what's it about? (without spoiling it) is a continuation from the previous movies - the games reach their 75th year and with a quell the games are changed - this time picking the tributes from those who have previously won the games...

If you like the first movie - then definitely see this one - and I recommend in the cinema too as it was a good cinematic experience! Man the deaths are once again awesome - not as cool and entertaining as the first movie but still good - though less of it this time?! It is enjoyable and one to see - ummm I want a bow!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Movie: The Counsellor (18)

What's it about? The Counsellor decides to get into drug dealing big time and well everything goes wrong as he and his comrades are believed to have stolen a shipment of drugs. The story unravels and he tries to survive the ordeal and save his girlfriend from the hands of a cartel.

Well what to say about has some very famous people in it so you kind of expect it to be good - and well it's not that great. Its slow, not that compelling, the story is disjointed and the characters are hard to care about. There are a couple of good scenes but it's definitely not one to spend your money on to see at the cinema...but with that said you may like it if you like gangster type films...

Movie: Red Dog (DVD - PG)

What's it about? It follows the true life events of an outback town in Australia and the adventures of a dog named "Red Dog" funnily enough...the story of romance, friendship and animal antics as the legendary canine becomes a well - a legend.

You know me I don't like "real life" stuff but I like animals - this film - this film - you will require your tissues...yep and lots of them! Get yourself a big box of chocolates and a nice box of tissues and sob your heart out! That said though it is hilariously funny - there are some great uplifting moments - with great comedy value - as well as a wonderful story. This is a you will laugh and you will cry one...check it and enjoy...

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Movie: Iron Man 3 (DVD – 12)

What’s it about? Well if the name doesn't give it away – god help you…It’s a continuation on from the previous Iron Man films following Tony Stark and his alter ego which takes place after Avengers Assemble. The world is under threat again – oh yes what a surprise that is…this time by the terrorist who goes by the name of “Mandarin”…can Iron Man save the day?

…Basically if you like Iron Man and Superhero movies then you’ll love this one – if you don’t then meh don’t even bother. Personally I don’t think it’s the best out of the Iron Man series but it’s still pretty damn good – has the action, the high budget scenes, the story and the comedy value – so you know – it’s Tony Stark…go watch it!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Music: Heretics - Wealth = Success

The band...Heretics, the album Wealth = Success - what can I say about these guys?...they are pretty damn good - yeah I like them - futurepopesc type music - which is really niiiiccceeeee - the singing can be a little droney at points...but it works and yeah they are worth a listen...check it...

Can't insert the video on this you're going to have to follow the link...

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Movie: Gravity (12A)

What's it about? Dr Ryan Stone is assisting a couple of astronauts with setting up some of her tech in space - basically the mission goes wrong when debris collides and they are left adrift and have to try to survive the ordeal...

This is a pretty decent film - could have gone either way from the trailer - which was pretty annoying but at the same time was compelling. I saw the 3D version and even as someone who can't see 3D properly a couple of bits did work! It is a film to see in 3D (unless it makes you pass out or spew or turn into the hulk) as it's actually made to be 3D rather than you know - like most films - that just have a couple of bits whacked in to make it be able to be 3D...rubbish. Anyway to the movie - it is a wonderful experience - very beautiful - great space stuff going on - kept me on the edge of my seat - and well if you ever think you are having a bad day - you can think back to this film and think at least it wasn't that bad! It's worth seeing in the cinema as it's big sci-fi/space movie - check out the trailer and see what ya think...

Monday, 11 November 2013

Movie: Donnie Darko (DVD - 15)

What's it about? Donnie has a few problems - and the friend in his head - Frank is giving him hints and stuff - Donnie has to figure it all out before the world ends. Strange...very odd things...happen that can't be explained, trouble is had and things play out as Donnie stands at the edge of sanity!

This came out a while ago - and it's still as odd as I remember - an interesting film that takes you on a weird experience - its definitely a strange one - but worth a watch - just because! It's hard to put into words about what this film IS so just watch the trailer and decide to see it for yourself...

Friday, 8 November 2013

Anime Series: Claymore (DVD – 15)

What’s it about? Yoma – kinda demon creatures – attack villages throughout the land to chow down on human snacks…the Claymores – a group of human-yoma hybrids under the command of the agency fight against these creatures – in order to destroy them and protect humanity…for a price of course!

I had really high hopes for this as everyone has raved about it…it was pretty good – nice art – interesting story and characters – annoying music *cough*…as expected it was over the top in typical anime style J a good mix and a nice series to see – just don’t expect the most amazing thing ever ‘cause otherwise you maybe a weebit disappointed!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Music: VNV Nation - Transnational

Transnational is the latest album release from VNV Nation – it is very similar to Automatic in that it is once again very positive and uplifting – it can get me out of any bad mood and that says a lot! These guys are genius and continue to reach greatness with every album released – if you haven’t heard them before then have a listen – if you have and you like them then go buy the album – its EPIC!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Fandom: MCM Comic Con - Cosplay Parade

Here's a bit of fandom for you today...and it comes in the form of a video by Batale of the MCM Comic Con London (Oct 2013) cosplay stage event that took place on the Sunday...

...Seems a bit of a strange thing to post right? Skip to 46 minutes and you'll know why - teehee three of the LoKers that were there - completely EPIC costumes!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Movies: Heat (DVD – 15), Primer (DVD – 12) and Hocus Pocus (PG – DVD)

Heat – What’s it about? Well…it’s a crime-drama so that basically gives you a large clue. It follows a group of robbers who obviously commit some heists – and the detective trying to catch them – their lives and paths cross as they both try to reach their goals...

This is getting on a weebit – but sometimes the old ones are the best…right? A nice mix of crime, action and drama…though it is quite long – make sure you have 3 hours to watch this one! Epic action – especially one amazing scene – guns and explosions – and a great story – woohoo…what more do you want?

Primer – What’s it about? A group of engineers work on their own experiment in their spare time…in their garage. Whilst creating a machine to block the gravitational pull from an object they accidently – yeah accidently – create a machine that manipulates time…of course they use it! – What else would you do with a time machine? – Yeah and they have to deal with the consequences of their actions…

Dude you need to be awake to watch this one – you can’t leave your brain at the door! This is an independent sci-fi movie…and its bloody good, gets the old noggin going with all the science and leaves you contemplating it long after you’ve finished watching – its not action – its brains in this movie – and a lot of get in the box – go on you know you want to!

Hocus Pocus - What’s it about? It is about three witch sisters – the Sanderson sisters who are hung for witchcraft, they swear to come back to life and suck the lives from all the children in Salem. It is Halloween night and by the hand of Max the witches are brought back to life – him, his sister and friend Alison have to try to stop them from being resurrected permanently!

This film is pure class – it’s a classic – if you haven’t seen it then I don’t know where you’ve been – it maybe 20 years old to the year but it is still fantastic – filled with magic, song and strange goings on – like talking cats and disgruntled zombies – this is a prize film from the 90s and is one you have to watch…or re-watch – do it otherwise…I’ll put a spell on you…