Thursday, 9 November 2017

Movies: The Ritual (15), Thor: Ragnarok (12A) & Over The Hedge (DVD – U)

The Ritual (15) – what’s it about? A group of guys go on a hiking holiday to Sweden in memory of their friend who was murdered.

When will people learn don’t go into the dark woods – shortcuts are bad – stick to the track damn it! Ok if they did it would make for pretty shit movies. This is a run of the mill horror movie in that there’s not really anything original about it; the only interesting thing is where they are up against something a little more than the average serial killer or witch. It was a good watch don’t get me wrong; it had its entertaining moments and was a little creepy. If you like a little bit of horror in your life then this maybe right up your street – just don’t expect to be scared shitless.

Rating: ***

Thor: Ragnarok (12A) – what’s it about? Thor’s sister returns and takes over Asgard and Thor must battle to save his world.

I like Thor and the Marvel universe but this I’m not sure, it was good yes and the characters are always fun – I liked seeing the Hulk being himself rather than just smash. But I don’t know it just seemed more of a comedy that the normal movies which are usually a bit more action and story with a bit of comedy thrown in to keep it light hearted. I don’t know maybe I’m just being a grumpy old git, it’s still worth a watch through if you like the Marvel stuff.

Rating: ***

Over The Hedge (DVD – U) – what’s it about? A group of forest animals wake up to find a new housing estate has appeared, they team up with a racoon so they can collect enough food for winter.

This is a Dreamworks movie so you know the drill it’s a cartoon with a good lot of humour but they make it fun for the whole family. It’s a good little story with enough stuff going on to keep you entertained no matter your age group and give some good laughs too…well it gave me enough laughs anyway. If you like a good fun cartoon to help brighten up your day then this is worth a watch.

Rating: ***

Monday, 9 October 2017

Movies: Flatliners (2017 – 15) & Blade Runner 2049 (15)

Flatliners (2017 – 15) – what’s it about? A group of medical students investigate the afterlife by stopping their hearts to have near death experiences.

This is yet another remake on the remake craze. I like the original quite a lot; I can’t remember how many times I must have watched it when I was a teenager, though I haven’t watched it for years. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this being re-done. I have to say though it was quite cool to see it updated with modern technology and graphics, it still had a good experience to it (even if I find some of the actors really annoying – and no Kevin Bacon!). Yeah it’s a pretty good remake as far as remakes go – it’s not the best but its most definitely not the worst one I’ve seen.

Rating: ***

Blade Runner 2049 (15) – what’s it about? A Blade Runner must unravel a mystery that could change the world forever.

So hmmm this was interesting, it was a good movie in the franchise, a good kind of cop mystery, but it doesn’t have much action so it will depend on what you like. It was though quite a long movie, I don’t know if my attention span was just in one of those moods where I was tired but I did find it pretty slow in parts. It’s one of those where you have to stick with it though as by the end it all starts to unravel. It’s worth a look if you like the franchise and sci-fi-cop stuff really.

Rating: ***

Monday, 25 September 2017

Movies: Kingsman: The Golden Circle (15) & The Invasion (DVD - 15)

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (15) – what’s it about? Eggsy returns in this sequel where the Kingsman agencies sites are destroyed so he must travel to the US to meet with the Statesman.

So if you’ve seen the first one you know what to expect, though this one is a bit less spoofy than the first and not so funny in my book. Though that said it was still a good action packed ride, lots of fight scenes with a couple of lol moments and other stuff to keep the viewer entertained. If you liked the first one it’s still definitely worth a watch even though it isn’t quite as good. Truthfully probably a 3 ½ star movie rather than a 4 but I’m feeling generous today.

Rating: ****

The Invasion (DVD - 15) – what’s it about? Aliens have invaded earth and take over peoples bodies whilst they sleep.

Ok this was different, a bit slow to start with so I got a little distracted by other things but by half way through I was hooked. It was an interesting take on alien invasions, no big ships here or anything, just subtly done which really gets the mind thinking – are they already here? It’s worth a watch if you like drama-thriller-sci-fi stuff but don’t expect the wow factor you get from some modern sci-fi stuff.

Rating: ***

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Movies: IT (2017) (15) & American Assassin (18)

IT (2017) (15) – what’s it about? – A remake of the movie about a scary clown that steals children every 27 years.

I really wish I’d re-watched the original recently so I could compare them, but I don’t think I’ve seen it for about 15 years. I wasn’t sure how they’d do this one though, you know remaking a classic horror movie like that, but I think they done it pretty well. It was billed to be super scary (from what people had said online) but it sadly wasn’t – I found Annabel Creation far scarier! This was just a good watch, a little creepy in parts but I wouldn’t say hide behind a blanket scary…well unless you’re scared of clowns then I suppose it would be. Yep it was a good take on the story with good acting and effects, so yep all good which makes it worth a watch!

Rating: ****

American Assassin (18) – what’s it about? A secret CIA team try to stop a bad guy who has a nuclear missile.

If you’ve seen one of these types of movies then you’ve seen them all really. It’s the usual and nothing new and all very predictable but saying that it’s still a good mindless movie. I still quite happy sat and enjoyed the story, action and violence just don’t expect to be wowed by anything original.

Rating: ***

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Movies: Annabelle: Creation (15) & American Made (15)

Annabelle: Creation (15) – a prequel to the Annabelle movies which gives a bit more history about the demon and the doll.

This well what to say about this? I didn’t like it! Not because it’s a crap movie but the fact why do I do this to myself and watch this shit? I hate freaking dolls!!!!!!!! Now I’ve got that off my chest – yes it’s a good movie and definitely worth seeing if you’ve seen the Annabelle movies and enjoyed them. As per the previous ones it’s not overly gorey and is more spooky with some jump moments and nail biting. Definitely don’t watch if you don’t like freaking spooky ass dolls.

Rating: ***

American Made (15) – set in the 1980s and based on a true story of a pilot that works both for the CIA and crime lords.

I can’t believe this shit happened, how much is made up and how much is real I guess only the people involved would know but it made for a good movie. It kept me engrossed through the whole thing and well it had some really funny moments too, not crying funny but definitely lol funny. Cruise did a good job with this one and worth a watch if you like some unbelievable reality.

Rating: ***

Monday, 21 August 2017

Movies: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (12A), Atomic Blonde (15), The Dark Tower (12A) & The Hitman’s Bodyguard (15)

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (12A) – what’s it about? The story follows Valerian an officer who must battle against dark forces to save Alpha.

This was a nice bit of sci-fi which was refreshing to see and in parts it reminded me of the Fifth Element and Avatar but not enough that it should be compared to such films as it’s not that much of an epic movie. It had its moments which were pretty great and some good plot but there were bits that left me wanting answers – like how Valerian could be a Major in his early 20s! Anyway yeah it was a good watch but not out of this world sadly, I think 4*s is being generous but 3* is too little – maybe a 3 ½ movie really.

Rating: ****

Atomic Blonde (15) – what’s it about? Lorraine an undercover agent travels to Berlin to find a list of double agents.

So hmmmm what can I say about this one without giving too much away, well its very sexy and brutal at the same time, lots of violence and some story to boot – in the face with stilettos on. It’s quite dark and none of this blight flashy lighting which makes it gritty so along with the non-airy-fairy fighting stuff – it’s more to the nose brawling in parts that makes it pretty ouch violent it and gives it something different. I can’t really say much more without giving it away so I’m going to shut up and just say I very much liked this one J

Rating: ****

The Dark Tower (12A) – what’s it about? Jake discovers his dreams are real and travels to another world where he joins up with Roland to save The Dark Tower and the universe from evil.

I wasn’t sure what this one was going to be like as I thought before seeing it man I hope this isn’t going to be following around a really annoying kid who really gets on my tits for the whole film. Well it did follow around a kid for pretty much the entire movie but he wasn’t an annoying kid so it made it ok to watch. The first part of the movie was pretty slow and it took a while for it to get going but once it did it was really going good. It was well acted and had a good story – a good Stephen King adaption so if you like his stories then you’ll probably like it. I would say it again is in between 4* and 3* so maybe a 3 ½ movie really.

Rating: ****

The Hitman’s Bodyguard (15) – what’s it about? Michael a bodyguard must get his new client who’s a hitman to court to testify.

I wasn’t sure on this one before seeing it, I thought it was going to be a complete pile of pants but it was better than I thought it was going to be – but as that was complete shite it’s probably not that hard to beat. It gave a few heh moments but nothing lol funny for me, it was annoying in parts and the story wasn’t too in-depth as it was just more an action-comedy – you know a leave your brain at the door movie. The only good side to it was the action; the car chases, gun-slinging and fighting were pretty good so that made up for the averageness of the humour. Think it’s one of those if you have a certain sense of humour you’ll like it but if not then you’ll just be like meh it’s alright.

Rating: ***

Monday, 24 July 2017

Movie: War for the Planet of the Apes (12A)

War for the Planet of the Apes (12A) – what’s it about? The Humans and Apes continue to battle it out for survival.

Well what to say about this one…in short I thought it was pretty dull – well the second part was better and had more oomph to it but the whole thing was just way too long and drawn out. It really felt like they were milking the franchise with this one, it did though have a few good moments and the graphics were top notch but that was about it really. I’m maybe being a bit harsh with my rating, it’s probably more a 2 ½ stars movie but yeah it was generally meh. If you are a hard-core fan you’ll probably like this more than I did but if you’re not then I’d maybe wait until you can find it in the shops for no more than a 5er.

Rating: **